ANIXIA Gears of War

ANIXIA Gears of War
  • ANIXIA_Awaken

    My name is Kevin and I am 22 years of age. I am the captain of ANIXIA's Gears of War team. I just recently started streaming again and plan on going live more often with my team. Gears of War has always been a passion of mine since Gears 1. I started playing competitive by the time Gears 3 came around, but it was not until Gears Judgement when I started taking it seriously in which my team clinched top page for the Gamebattles Team Ladder. Currently, we are top page for Gears 4 and plan on entering future LAN events in which we seek top placings....Read More

  • anixiaresist

    Hi my name is Eli and I've been playing Gears of War since the first title was released. It wasn't until Gears 3 I started taking competitive a lot more seriously and making it a priority to be the best. Our team is currently top page for game battles team ladder. My role for this org is a team slayer. Which I am expected to make plays for our team and try to keep up the support for my teammates as well. As a team we xcell together and strive to be the best at future events....Read More

  • anixiatai

    Im Tai, im 20 years old. I was always into competitive gaming and feel blessed to be a part of Team Anixia. It's been a dream of mine to compete at the highest level ever since Gears of War 1 was originally released. Im looking forward to representing Team Anixia as we grind to the top while making a name for ourselves as an organization and as players in the Gears community ...Read More

  • xclu5lve

    I'm a competitive gears of war player for Anixia eSports. I've been playing gears of war since I was 12 and competitively since I was 13. I never had a chance to go to en event in the past because I never felt like I had a team good enough. Now that I'm apart of ANIXIA, there's nothing that'll stop us from getting 1st place....Read More