ANIXIA Esports Rocket League

ANIXIA Esports Rocket League
  • familiarleaf

    My name is Jon, I am 19 and a Competetive Rocket League player. I have been playing video games since my family bought a playstation 2 and never looked back. Switched to PC instead of buying a console in 2013 and video games have been a passion of mine for quite some time. I started streaming in July of 2015 and been playing Rocket League since it came out. Been playing competetive Rocket League since november of 2015 and continue to pursue being the best of the best....Read More

  • rocketvanpersie

    Hey everyone! My name is Shawn "Rocket van Persie" Schrotenboer but everyone just calls me RVP. I am a competitive Rocket League player for Anixia eSports. I fell in love with Rocket League as soon as i saw my first stream of it and haven't put it down since. I first got into eSports with Counterstrike: Source back in 2006 but didn't take me long to switch to COD4:MW once that came out. There I was a professional player for the team Altered Focus where we competed in CEVO-P and Cal Main. After COD4 died I went back to CS off and on until Rocket League came out. Whenever I pick up a game I always want to be the best and do whatever i can in my power to be the best that I can be. I hope to never leave eSports even after I can no longer compete I one day dream of owning my own organization....Read More

  • Zaps

    My name is Zack and Rocket League is the first game I've ever played competitively. I started playing in October of 2015 and have put in 2,200 hours this year and looking to put in even more next year. I've always been very competetive and I am very dedicated to grinding my way to the very top. ...Read More