ANIXIA Esports Crossfire

ANIXIA Esports Crossfire

Introducing the professional Crossfire squad for ANIXIA Esports!

  • Imtoonie

    Hey I’m 16 years old and currently a Junior in high school. In my free time I love to workout and play video games. I’ve played competitive Cross Fire for almost 3 years and so far the experience has been amazing!...Read More

  • Wizzdom

    Peace and Love to All, I am Antonio "Wizdom" Brothers I am a gamer, I love playing FPS games, MOBA's Racing, Adventure etc! I am a professional Crossfire Player, I've been playing for 5 years and I spend most of my gaming time playing that. I recently joined up with Anixia to create one of the best teams in all aspects of what a team means, that I have ever been in we will win EVERYTHING! I have been playing with these guys for a while now off and on and this feels right.   Here is a list of my accomplishments with different teams there are so many more I wish I had them documented properly but...    Team: WaarMachine 2nd Place WCA Nationals Team: Team: !nstinct 2nd Place CFS Nationals 2015   Jeden (My Original team): 2012-2013 -CSN ''Battle Nights''2nd Place -3rd place WCG 2012 Nationals @ NYComicCon -LPK CUP- 1st Place -CFL Launch Season- 3rd Place Team: Fly Society 2014: -ESG Spring Series 2014 - 2nd Place Team: RockemSockem: 2014 - NESL Go4 CUP #12 3rd place 2014 - NESL June Monthly 3rd place Thank you guys for your support!...Read More


    Greetings Gamers!! Leo pka ROCKSTAR from Burbank,CA started gaming since super nintendo day's. He's competitive life took a toll when the 1st xbox came out and was sponsor by Microsoft. Ever since he's been sponsor by other companies in the past and has travel around playing in tournaments and helping set up tournaments events. ROCKSTAR has attend the following events; WOGL, MLG, CFS, WCG and WCA just to name a few, and also he had played with and against with fellow friends in Hammertime and in ACE Gaming/ACE.MSI in scrims. Today he continue to play in the world of E-Sports, and has a career in the world of filming and music industry. He also plays semi-pro paintball in real life and is the starting 5, position; Snake and is looking to go pro next season of 2017. ROCKSTAR is soon to be 27 years of age....Read More

  • aztcCK

    My name is Danny "aztcCK" Xu. I have been playing Crossfire competitively for atleast 4 years. Here are some of my achievements through the 4 years.  ESG Winter Cup 2nd Place  ESL Monthly Cup 1st Place  WCA Seattle LAN Qualifier 1st Place    BTW I am fat, don't judge me....Read More


    I'm 15 years old and I've been playing crossfire for 6 years. In my free time I either play sports, workout, play video games, or read up on random topics. I currently aim to be a neurosurgeon when I get older. I enjoy having fun with my teammates. DUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!...Read More

  • x0tek

    Former #1 ranked TAO player, former #1 ranked AOM:TT player. I'm pretty much amazing. @x0tek...Read More