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Shawn Schrotenboer


Hey everyone! My name is Shawn "Rocket van Persie" Schrotenboer but everyone just calls me RVP. I am a competitive Rocket League player for Anixia eSports. I fell in love with Rocket League as soon as i saw my first stream of it and haven't put it down since. I first got into eSports with Counterstrike: Source back in 2006 but didn't take me long to switch to COD4:MW once that came out. There I was a professional player for the team Altered Focus where we competed in CEVO-P and Cal Main. After COD4 died I went back to CS off and on until Rocket League came out. Whenever I pick up a game I always want to be the best and do whatever i can in my power to be the best that I can be. I hope to never leave eSports even after I can no longer compete I one day dream of owning my own organization.