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Antonio Brothers


Peace and Love to All, I am Antonio "Wizdom" Brothers I am a gamer, I love playing FPS games, MOBA's Racing, Adventure etc! I am a professional Crossfire Player, I've been playing for 5 years and I spend most of my gaming time playing that. I recently joined up with Anixia to create one of the best teams in all aspects of what a team means, that I have ever been in we will win EVERYTHING! I have been playing with these guys for a while now off and on and this feels right.   Here is a list of my accomplishments with different teams there are so many more I wish I had them documented properly but...    Team: WaarMachine 2nd Place WCA Nationals Team: Team: !nstinct 2nd Place CFS Nationals 2015   Jeden (My Original team): 2012-2013 -CSN ''Battle Nights''2nd Place -3rd place WCG 2012 Nationals @ NYComicCon -LPK CUP- 1st Place -CFL Launch Season- 3rd Place Team: Fly Society 2014: -ESG Spring Series 2014 - 2nd Place Team: RockemSockem: 2014 - NESL Go4 CUP #12 3rd place 2014 - NESL June Monthly 3rd place Thank you guys for your support!