Over watch and E-League: A Watch made in Heaven

Wed 27th Jul 2016 - 1:58am : General


     In the past couple of years, E-sports has hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back since! With an expected revenue of five-hundred million dollars, what a better time for it than now. This year two of the biggest forces in the industry will combine forces to bring us probably one of the most watched events this year.

     Over watch is one of the most rapidly growing game in modern times. The open beta saw close to 10 million players. That added up to 81 million hours of gameplay and 37 million intense matches of assault, escort, hybrid and control. It’s a no brainer why many more leagues haven’t jumped on this game already, but it might be for the better since we don’t want a saturation of leagues where players are burned out.

     E-League is probably one the most culminating league out for counter-strike and it’s extending its hospitality and now showing some love to Blizzard’s very own: Over watch. This year we saw them take the counter-strike scene by storm with two massive sponsors: Buffalo Wild Wings and Arby’s. The league is managed and televised by Turner Sports, a division of Turner, and WME | IMG, a company focusing on talent representation and management. The production consisted of regular league matches occurring throughout the week and being broadcasted through twitch. On Friday nights the final would take place and the main broadcast was only viewable through TBS. Many fans took advantage of this and used it as an excuse to head out to BWW with their friends to watch CS:GO on the big screen.

     Now, in late August Over watch will receive the same treatment from E-League. Teams from both North America and Europe will battle it out for a crack at the one-hundred thousand first place prize! Regional playoffs will take place from August 26th – August 28th. North American finals will be broadcasted from September 25th – September 26th and the European finals will follow from September 28th – September 29th. The top team from each respective region will face off in the main event broadcasted both on T.V. through TBS and will also be viewable on twitch.

     Over watch is one of the most populated games to date. Knocking league of legends out of the number one spot in Asian pc bangs, and has left it choking on its dust. With a future as bright as this, what else would you like to see incorporated to Over watch? Who are your favorites for both NA and EU and who do you think will take home the first Over watch major tournament? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!




Juan D Arroyo

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