Stewie2k moves to Cloud9

Wed 13th Jan 2016 - 3:46am : General


In early 2015 when we heard the shocking news of semphis and shazham being dropped, who we saw cloud 9 acquiring in return was a bigger shock. They had not only picked up an entry fragger: fREAKAZOiD, but they had also picked up, if not the best, one of the top North American awpers: skadoodle. It all came as a huge surprise because at the time freakazoid had been absent from the scene for quite a while and skadoodle was in talks with hiko about forming an NA “super team” with a roster more or less consisting of ex-ibuypower players and one or two other North American “super” stars. Those hopes and plans were soon to be torn demolished by the fact that all of ibuypower aside from skadoodle were banned from any valve sponsored event. That means that any of the big international events that we all sit and watch were off limits for these players. Apart from those two acquisitions it was announced that Braxton “swag” pierce had been partnered up with cloud9 as a streamer/analyst and would eventually get playing time at the RGN pro series as he stepped in for the former in game leader: Sean “sg@res” Gares.

Fast forward to mid-December of 2015, we receive the sad news of Sean deciding to step down from the team. A decision that caught the scene and the hardcore cloud 9 fans off guard. This led to many speculations as to who would replace him. Many people believed that by the end of the year valve, like ESEA would lift their ban after serving their one year punishment. That led to everyone rumoring about swag’s return to cloud 9. In everyone’s right mind that would have been the best pick up for them, as he is one of the best young talents, not only in the North American scene, but in the whole world in general. We also saw a big shuffle in general as we saw allu, FNS, and many other players leaving and trying out for many teams. On January 5, 2016 valve released a statement letting everyone know that the bans on all the players and everyone else associated with the match fixing scandal were permanent. This meant that swag is out of the picture forever and can’t become a full time member of the team.

Valve stated:

Back in January and early February 2015 we took action after we discovered that a small number of professional CS:GO players were engaged in match-fixing. Our decision was to ban these players indefinitely from involvement in Valve-sponsored events. To clarify, the bans for these players are permanent, and players proven to have taken part in match-fixing will be permanently banned.”

Today, January 11, 2016, cloud9 released a statement letting everyone know who their 5th and final player is.

“Cloud9 CS:GO is proud to announce the acquisition of a highly talented individual to complete the 5-man squad as they kick off the 2016 season. The player chosen for the starting line-up has displayed a raw talent for the game and, even more importantly, a desire to learn and perfect his craft in a constantly changing meta. Jake “Stewie2k” Yipwill be joining us as we compete amongst the world's best.”

Playing only since the summer of 2014, jake is considered to be one of the quickest rising talents of NA and has even been compared to swag by flifflaren. In a recent tweet he stated, “I think c9 picking up Stewie2k is a good choice, young talent that reminds me of swag. Will be exciting to see if the gamble pays off”. This coming year will be an interesting one, with a lot of teams acquiring new players and new contracts being renewed a lot of teams and players have much to prove. How do you guys feel about this decision from cloud 9 and how do you think Jake will impact the team?




Kyle Vognsen

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