Q&A with ANIXIA Smite

Sun 3rd Jan 2016 - 7:46am : General


What is your name, what is your age and where are you currently living?

  • Aggressing: My name is James, I turned 17 on the 19th of December and I currently live in Kansas

  • Questify: My name is Ryan, I am 16 and I currently live in the bay area in California.

  • Oswald: I am Sam, 16 years old and live in Oregon.

  • Snarfeater: My name is Kyle, I am 21 and live in Montreal.

  • Zeph: Kyle, I am 18 and I live in Indiana.

What is your role in the team?

  • Aggressing: I am the jungler and strat caller.

  • Questify: I play the solo lane.

  • Oswald: My role is mid lane.

  • Snarfeater: I am the ADC and captain.

  • Zeph: Guardian or as other people know it: support.

What’s the one thing about your play style that helps the team be the best it can?

  • Aggressing: I like to be aggressive. Short and sweet.

  • Questify: I disrupt team fights and help my teammates

  • Oswald: Being able to give good timing on call outs when teams are coming to invade, and doing a good job on cleaning up kills that the team couldn’t finish off.

  • Snarfeater: I usually just sit in the back and deal as much damage as possible.

  • Zeph: I’m extremely aggressive and that is also a pain as much as it is a benefit. I am always initiating whether my team is there to back me up or not and it does get me in trouble most of the times. It is a benefit when I do initiate before they even call it because they can be asking to initiate at a certain time and I’ll already be there.

Who is your favorite pro player and team?

  • Aggressing: My favorite pro player is garz (tsm jungler) and my favorite team was team solo mid, but they broke up so its enemy now.

  • Questify: I would have to say zapman and right now my favorite team is paradigm.

  • Oswald: My favorite player is Zapman and my favorite team is eGr.

  • Snarfeater: My favorite team is Cloud 9 and my favorite player is iRens.

  • Zeph: I don’t really have a favorite pro player or team but I really do enjoy watching eonic and the original TSM lineup A.K.A. Cognitive Red.

Do you ever try to implement any of their play styles into yours?

  • Aggressing: Yea I watch them all the time, mostly to improve but I do try to mimic what they do.

  • Questify: Uh… Not really.

  • Oswald: I try to play like mlcst3alth and his janus because it’s pretty great. He uses his fake portals and spams his unstable vortex really well.

  • Snarfeater: Yea, I think iRens is really underrated and I like being underrated as well. I just watch him and see how he overcomes those low expectations. I really enjoy the pressure situations and I pretty much just stick to my role and do my job.

  • Zeph: My playstyle is completely my own, and I pretty much just came up with it by learning the game. I base my playstyle on the opponent.

What are your short term and long term goals for the team?

  • Aggressing: Short term goals are to win tournaments, improve and be the best we can be right now. Long term goals are to eventually win the smite world championship.

  • Questify: Short term are to get better, win tournaments we are currently in. Long Term goals are to get to SWC

  • Oswald: My short term goals are to become a better mid laner and my long term goals are to go into the Smite World Championships and Smite Pro League.

  • Snarfeater: I really try my best to shot call and I know I need to improve on that. I feel really bad when we lose because of that.

  • Zeph: Short Term: To place at least top 5 in Challengers Cup. Long Term: To be renowned as the best support in the world.






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