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Going back about three months ago, we heard of a tournament taking place in Slovenia a couple of days before the major in Dubai. It was a small pool prize of only fifty thousand, with first place taking thirty thousand, second taking fifteen thousand and third getting five thousand. There was also supposed to be a DOTA 2 tournament with the same prize pool after the Counter-Strike tournament was over, but it was cancelled three days before the actual event.

Not only was the tournament organized poorly, but there were also problems in every single aspect of the teams’ visit. While players were getting ready to play their matches they began to realize that the equipment provided at the LAN was not equipped to run the game at a stable high framerate. The administrators simply instructed the players to wait for over twelve hours, while they couldn’t find a resolution. A statement coming for the event organizers blamed the situation on a driver who was paid to deliver the computers but had mysteriously disappeared with everything without a trace. If luck could not get any worse and the players’ mood and morale get any lower, authorities ended up showing up at the venue to hold all the players passports because food and commodities had not been paid for by the event coordinators. After getting some contracts signed and the hotel issues were all taken care of, the players were promised prize money only if they finished their matches.

On December 17, 2015 G2Esports released a statement yesterday saying: “The Gaming Resorts claims that the company holds no assets to cover losses, and even if the case goes to court, G2 and the other interested parties will not receive the prize money they are owed."

So it looks like neither of the three placed teams Gamers 2, Na’Vi nor Titan will ever see any of the money they were promised. Fifty thousand dollars are still owed to three hard working teams that very well deserve it and all they have to show for it is an organization who is basically laughing in their face saying, “We are going bankrupt so we don’t have to pay you anyways, just deal with it.” How do you guys feel about the way these teams are being treated and how the event organizers are dealing with the situation?




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